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Our International Domain Name Registration services are a complete suite of services. Part of the boquet, we have a specialised Domain Name Aquisition Services (DNAS) which offers access to skills of a well networked and intelligent team on ground, for assisting brand owners, get access to a already registered domain name, globally.

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Send highly targeted and personalized Web Push online. The Brand-Aligned Domain name is the Backbone of your brand presence online, ensuring the success of the project or the business overall. 

The Domain names can be from 2 letters, which can be a currently registered domain name with the registrant around the world. We would work on getting that brand name with a complete strategy from offline to online. Including consolidating on the intended trademark.

Core Advantages

The uniqness of knowing your online brand, is the work of the brand custodian
Mr. Aggarwal, Our Founder has often heard advising clients on the Importance of Goodwill value that a Brand Aligned domain name gets to the project that is being launched. 
Working with 7DS, the team is experienced, smart and resourceful to assist you in acquiring the domain name which is already registered. 
Some of the advantages are :

Trademark Consulting

We have a Inhouse Legal Team which specialises in IP (Intellectual Property) which will assist you in knowing whihc brand to select and then aquire the domain name.

Trademark Filing

Its the startegy of the moment. Aporpose the consulting with the legal team, our team will be able to assist you in filing a trademark, immidiately in the required jurisdiction.

Contact Initiation with Seller

As part of the process for the domain name acquisition, we will be able to skill fully trace the contact infomration of the proposed seller, and initiate the contact. This process is absolutely anonymous and is skillfully handled, privately.

Typically there is a process of 2-4-8 Weeks or sometimes more depends on how soon there is a contact with the proposed seller. 

About Us

7Digital Solutions® is an enterprise, engaged in providing international domain name registration services globally. All the domain extensions under one roof. We manage your domain name portfolio. We provide Services on TMCH (Trademark Clearing House) and Brand Monitoring Services. 7DS has a large portfolios of SSL certificates for providing security solutions online., Hosting Solutions on SSD based Servers, Security Solutions, IT Consulting, International Domain Name Registrations, Domain Name Acquisitions. Trustee Services and everything Domain Name on this Planet, is registered and enabled by 7DS for its clients.